About balm

When I was 9 years old, I had a bad luck, I was taken ill with hematogenic osteomyelitis (it is bone decay disease, causative agents are streptococcus and staphylococcus). Osteomyelitis is counted to be untreatable, prognosis: pathological fracture, kidney refusal, sepsis.

    With time disease becomes chronic, patient gets lifelong sorrows and sufferings. During 30 years I contacted different hospitals and medical institutions, famous doctors of that time, professor Panchenko in Kiev, Ilizarov in Kurgan, concerning osteomyelitis treatment, but it had no effect. Famous mud of Saki where I moved hoping to cure didn't help either. In Ministry of Health of USSR I was explained that my disease is incurable, and nobody can ever help me.

    They say "He that is warm thinks all so", the man who has never faced this disease, never will understand what it takes, when for 30 years, spring and autumn coming, means to you regular disease exacerbation, fistulas formation and daily, for nearest few months, pus bandage changing.

    When I was 40 the disease became so acute, that in despair I asked doctor to amputate the leg where lesion focus was. Then it came to my mind to try to cure my osteomyelitis with nature means.

    Maybe it was my inherited from my grandfather herbal-healer predisposition to nature, maybe persistent from despair will to become healthy. In any case, having studied books on Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda, homoeopathy and folk medicine, I've managed to achieve the positive result, by the empirical approach, I've created the balm from nature non-poisonous components, with the help of it, for 1.5 years, I completely recovered from my "incurable" illness. It's hard to describe my feeling of happiness of being healthy again.

    Inspired with success, in the summer of 1993 I went home to Bashkirya , where contacted a local newspaper with my story, to encourage my countrymen suffering from osteomyelitis, offer them my help, and carry them that they shouldn't be despaired, there's always a way out: Patients with variety of diseases started to contact me: ulcer, tuberculosis, asthma, cancer. All those who contacted me, had the only question: "Will your Balm help me?" I gave honest answer that I don't know, and proposed to try and let me know of the result. Imagine my astonishment when it turned out, that the balm I discovered turned out to have such a universal influence that cured not only osteomyelitis, but also other intractable, from official medicine's point of view, diseases such as: asthma, tuberculosis, cirrhosis, diabetes, psoriasis, cancer diseases up to 4th degree (the tumors and the metastasis dissolve).

    For 17 years already I'm a healthy man, I overcame my "incurable" disease with the help of the balm I've discovered.

    For all these years there were thousands of patients, conferences, speeches, publications in Europe and USA. "Balm Sergeev" successfully passed trials on healthy (St.-Petersburg) as well as on sick patients (Kiev, Ukraine), in Bulgaria and Ukraine has status of BAA (biologically active additive), the patent of Ukraine.

    Absence of negative side-effects, dependence feeling, universality, unlimited spectrum of indication for usage, considering all this, we can state that "Balm Sergeev" is one of the best therapeutic and prophylactic means in the word

    Having saved myself with the help of my balm from the incurable disease, I sincerely wish all sick people do not lose their courage, to find out their own "balm", to be healthy and happy in this life, on this Earth.

Vasiliy Sergeev