400 ml, course 60 days 

The Tibetan medicine considers a bronchial asthma as the breaking of all three organism control systems (Vata, Kapha, and Pita) of the different genesis. 
In most cases it is caused by the Vata and Pita imbalance. Nowadays official medicine offers an inhalation and adrenocortical hormone drugs. 
Certainly these drugs give the conditionally full-value life, and often save it.
But it goes without saying that we can not speak about full recovery, because the drugs have only temporary effect.
And the adrenocortical hormones have a lot of the specific side-effects.

The “Sergeev balm” restores the balance of the organism control systems, strengthens the immune system, essentially improves the blood structure and stabilizes the metabolic processes.
As the result your organism treats asthma by itself with the help of its own vigour.
During taking the “Sergeev balm” intensive “clearance” of the whole organism takes place, its accompanied with sputum secretion via the lung and the digestive tract. 

The fit rates gradually dicreases; the necessary dose of the bronchodilatatoring and hormone preparations reduces…
Drugs dosage may be decreased only under control of the doctor you trust.
During taking the “Sergeev balm” automatic invigoration of the whole organism takes place, independently from the disease localization, due to this the whole state of health considerably improves, the asthenia symptoms disappear.
As the result you get the healthy organism and independence from next drugs dose.