"Balm Sergeev" shows unique characteristic - it cures beginning diseases as well as chronic diseases.

Used inwardly and outwardly directly at illness site.

For 17 years of "Sergeev's Balm" usage no negative side effects are indicated; the Balm has no dependence.

The approximate values of Balm dosage and the course duration are stated, they depend on:

1) General state of the organism - the Balm struggles not only with the main pathology, but also recovers state of the whole organism.
2) The disease stage and its duration.
3) The age of the patient. (Dosage stated, considers a patient an adult, children under 16 require essentially less Balm quantity.
4) If surgical intervention has took place. It mostly related to the oncological diseases, since after the surgery, the channels of natural resolution get broken, and it takes more time to recover.