400 ml, course 60 days 

Nowadays the medicine knows the instigators of this disease, its viruses.
The most dangerous among widespread -- viral hepatitis type B and viral hepatitis type C. 
Practically in 100 % of cases the infection transforms in chronic form, and then cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) etc…in treating the disease the official’s medicine tactic is to abolish the viruses directly.
In most cases, for this purpose the interferon preparations are used.
The treatment period is about one year, it costs a lot, and besides there are a lot of side effects. 
The preparations display an aggression not only to the viruses, but also to the cells of the very organism.

The “Sergeev balm” restores the balance of the control organism systems (Vata, Kapha, and Pita), strengths the immune system, essentially improves the blood structure and stabilizes the metabolic processes.
As a result your organism treats the disease by itself with the help of its own vigor.
During taking the “Sergeev balm” the viruses indicators are falling gradually, the liver is recovering its normal function.
During taking the “Sergeev balm” automatic invigoration of the whole organism takes place, independently from the disease localization, due to this the whole state of health considerably improves, the asthenia symptoms disappear.
You’ll feel joy from having healthy body again