The constitution of the VATTA

Reduce tastes -sweet, sour, salty.
Raise tastes -sharp, knitting, bitter.

Temperament:persons at whom was intense activity of the VATTA, are considered nervous. They are round-shouldered, lean, their skin is of bluish color from venous stagnations, they are talkative, do not tolerate a cold, say not clear soundsat movements, they would not possess what means, all seems to them insufficient, are short-lived, easily wake up, a body of nervous people is small, they like to sing, laugh, to quarrel and to have fun, have passion to food substances of pleasant, sour, bitter and burning tastes, their aspiration to natural sensations are same what are peculiar to a kite, to a raven and the fox.
The mental constitution of VATTA
They are inclined to fear and anxiety, differ inconstancy, excitability, indecision. Mental faculties good, but unstable. Easily seize a material and easily overlook. Fast transition from attachment to alienation. Quickly run into an emotional condition and hotly them express, and easily them forget. Feelings and sights are unstable. Are inclined to cowardice. It is not a lot of friends, well converge with people of other social circles. They are not materialistic, do not aspire to accumulation of money or property.
They correspond ektomorfu and to the extrovert. They sleep a little, quickly goes and speaks too much. They have thin rare fragile hair, their bodies are dry. They have restless mind, feelings almost all time skip from a place on a place. They can be severe, break laws. They are destructive and suffer from the changeable reason. They do not fasten strong friendship and possess weak memory. The air temperament gives not love to a cold and cold subjects. Gestures of such person are abrupt more often, many phrases which they say, remain uncompleted because their ideas quickly jump from one train on another .
Their gait is careless and alive, love to sexual and carnal pleasures. They especially like sweet, sour, hot and sharp, water drinks is noisy, eats much. Possessing a strong constitution, nevertheless they are weak and live rather not for long. At conversation they stammer slightly.
The typical representative of this class is the owner of the sense organs, they are loved by women. In the dreams they leave in mountains, walk among trees and on pure air. In dreams they fly necessarily not using what technical adaptations. Their hair is cutting up on the ends, their color grayish. Their eyes are round and ugly, they are grey and expression their cold. When they sleep, their eyes are slightly opened. A body is high and thin, curve knees are given out in before. Sounds made by them and the form of their body, their addition and manners remind a dog, the jackal, a camel, coyote, a rat or an owl.
Symptoms of frustration of the VATTA:yawning and a shiver, pandiculation, sensation of a cold, a constant pain in a waist, in bones and joints, choped pains in different places, dry cough, easing of six feelings especially sight, a restless condition, a pain in bowels in a hungry condition.
Surplus:a sharp decline of forces, spasms, numbness, depression. Penetrating, choped beating pain, an ache, a lock, a crunch in joints, tightening, a delay in a body of the fulfilled materials, excitability, thirst, a shiver, a roughness of skin, porosity of tissues, deaquation, fussy movements, rigidity, knitting taste in a mouth, change of color aside dark or red - brown.
Insufficiency:weakness of finiteness, insufficiency of speech and enthusiasm, confusion of recognition, increase in amount of slime and formation of toxins (Ums). Are similar to attributes raised KAPHA.

Accumulation -in large bowel, causing a swelling, gases, locks, a sleeplessness, fear, a breakdown, dryness and bent for to heat.
Excitation -sensation of ease in a head, pains or spasms in a stomach, the further amplification of locks and the congestion of gases accompanied characteristic with a sound in intestines, and as a swelling in the top part of a stomach.
Outpouring -dryness of skin, a pain in joints or rigidity, pains in the bottom part of a back, a spasm, spasms, a headache, the dry cough, an alternating fever, locks with pains in a belly cavity and unhealthy sensations at avacuation ofintestine, and as the general weakness.

To the often reasons of frustration of the VATTA concern:the exclusive use of substances of bitter taste, not enough nutritious and rough property, whored life, starvation, the sleepless nights, hard work and long conversations on subjects afflicting and causing grief, and as abusing physical and intellectual spheres of an organism and the sixth feeling.

Food substances useful at frustration of the VATTA:horse meat, mule meat, meat of a marmot. Meat stored year in a dried kind. In general any meat. Fresh vegetable oils strengthening an organism, reed sugar, warm milk, spirit, broths from bones of mutton, from a cranial bone of the ram, old wine, an onions napiform, garlic.
YES:sweet fruit, an apricot, an avocado, bananas, berries, a cherry, a coco (fresh), a cranberry, a grapefruit, a grapes, a lemon, a mango, a melon (sweet), an orange, papaya, peaches, a persimmon, a plum.
Cooked vegetables: an asparagus, beet, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, a green peas, okra (cooked), an onions (stewed), a potato, a sweet garden radish, candied fruits. Oat boilled, rice, wheat. All oils are good.
NOT:dry fruit, apples, a cranberry, a pear, a persimmon, a pomegranate, a water-melon. Crude vegetables, broccoli, a brussels sprouts, vegetable marrows, a cauliflower, a celery, an eggplant, a green sheet lettuce, mushrooms, an onions crude, a parsley, peas, pepper, a potato white, spinach, tomatoes. Barley, buckwheat, millet, a maize, oat dry, rye.
Any leguminous except for a green peas, a tofu, black and red lentil. All nuts are good in small amounts. All sunflower seeds are good in small amounts. All sweets are good except for white sugar. All seasonings are good. All dairy products are good in moderate quantities.

Red -this color is connected to blood. Has curative property, promoting red color of blood cells and stimulating formation red blood bodies. Also it creates heat and stimulates to formation red blood bodies. Also it creates heat and stimulates blood circulation. Helps to support color of a leather{skin}, gives energy to nervous fabrics and a bone brain, the aggravation and VATTA and KAPHA facilitates. However superfluous action of this color can cause PITTA surplus of accumulation in the certain parts of a body, in a result inflammatory process can begin. The overabundance of red color can cause conjunctivitis.
Orange -this color, as well as red warms, carries curative energy. It helps looking to spirituality to renounce the world. Nevertheless it gives energy and force to genitals. Orange color should be used for transformation of sexual energy in the Supreme Consciousness. They can strengthen sexuality applying this color. Orange color helps to facilitate an aggravation VATTA and KAPHA. It treats corking and supports health of skin. The overabundance of orange color can aggravate PITTA.
Yellow -when the person perceives yellow color, energy goes to the basic chakra. This color stimulates understanding and intelligence. In spiritual sense yellow color is connected to full dying it. The excessive use of this color causes superfluous accumulation of bile in a small bowel and can aggravate PITTA. This color facilitates surplus of VATTA and KAPHA.
Green -this color has calming action on mind and creates freshness. Helps to bring energy to chakra hearts. It softens emotions, gives satisfaction to heart. VATTA and KAPHA calm superfluous and aggravates PITTA. Excessive application of this color stimulates concentration of bile and can be the reason of occurrence of stones in a bilious bubble.
Yellow-Green -possesses properties yellow and green colors. VATTA and KAPHA help to facilitate, but can aggravate KAPHA. Has calming on mind.
Blue -this color of Pure Consciousness. Renders calming, cooling influence on a body and mind. Helps at decolouration of skin. It helps to correct illnesses of a liver, facilitates PITTA's aggravation. Surplus of blue color can cause an aggravation VATTA and KAPHA can create corkings.
Purple (violet) -this color of Space Consciousness which conducts to awakening consciousness. This color creates ease in a body and opens doors to perception. Facilitates an aggravation in PITTA and KAPHA but VATTA can aggravate surplus of it.


INFLUENCING NERVOUS SYSTEM: an emerald, a pomegranate, olivin, gold-bounded.
Amethyst (blue or violet) -gives personal nobleness, love, compassion and hope. It helps to supervise emotional temperament. It is necessary to carry on a neck in a gold necklace.
The pomegranate (red, yellow, brown) -has curative effect and is salutary for VATTA of infringements. The pomegranate can be carried on a neck in a gold frame.
Beryl (yellow, green, blue) -stimulates PITTA's surplus, facilitates surplus VATTA and KAPHA. Promotes intelligence, power, prestige and position in a society. Raises value of art and music. It needs to be carried in a silver frame or in the silver ring which was dressed on on an index finger of the left hand.
Lazurite (lyapis) (blue, violet, green) -strengthens this stone of an eye, is used for treatment of various eye illnesses. Lazurite - a heavenly, sacral stone. Gives a fortress to a body, mind and consciousness, transfers the owner sensitivity high spiritual vibrations. It needs to be carried on a neck in a gold necklace.
The ruby (red) -this stone helps concentration and gives mental force, strengthens heart. It is good for surplus of VATTA and KAPHA, PITTA's people are sensitive to it. It carry on the left ring finger, in a gold or silver ring.
Sapphire (violet, purple) -has neutralizing effect on VATTA. Saturn is used for counteraction to negative influence of a planet and helps at rheumatism, ischias, a neuralgic pain, epilepsies, a hysteria and at all VATTA infringements. Sapphire needs to be carried on a neck in a gold frame.
The moonstone (grey, white) -this stone absorbs lunar energy. Calms mind, it is closely connected to human emotions and influences corporal water. At emotional stresses and anxiety at a new moon and a full moon, it carry in a silver frame as a ring on a right ring finger. VATTA and PITTA facilitates infringements. However it will aggravate KAPHA.
Disgraces (red, yellow-red, orange-yellow) -promotes growth of children. Promotes feeling of favour and friendliness. This stone of the God, love, belief, compassion, creativity and understanding in sphere of related mutual relations.
The topaz (yellow - straw, vine-yellow, greenish, red-blue) -this jewel promotes passion and reduces fear. Gives force to intelligence. It needs to be carried on an index finger of the right hand or as a necklace gold-bounded.

Change the functioning the systems of the person depending on time of the year
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