Reduce tastes - sweet, knitting, bitter.
Raise tastes -salty, sharp, sour.

Season when excitation is observed:the end of spring, summer.
External stimulating factors:heat, the sun, fire, humidity.

Easily vital processes of Pitta are upset at youthful age. In the autumn at midday and at midnight vital processes of Pita easily are upset.

Emotions:anger, pride, irritability, peevishness.
Persons at whom vital processes of Pitta are strained, are considered bilious. At them famine and thirst are easily raised , hair - external covers are plentifully painted by bile. They are extremely capable, excessively proud, the perspiration differs an especial smell, they rather for a long time live, are content with those means which have. A body of their average volume, from food substances more all like them of substance of pleasant, bitter, knitting taste, they love a cool, their aspiration to natural sensations are same what are peculiar to a leopard and the monkey.

These people are inclined to "fiery" emotions, irritability and anger. The intelligence , a logic and critical warehouse of thinking advanced well. They are susceptible . Ideas are precise, they are convincing and sure in the correctness. Easily run into anger. Strong will, self-respect, good leaders. They are kind to friends, are severe to opponents, are not inclined to forgive. They are brave, desperate, reckless and like adventures. They are inventive, skilful, sharp memory, are not sentimental. They involve authority and power, aspire to accumulation of riches.
They corresponds mezomorphy and centrovert. They early grow grey. They are rather predisposed to anger, strongly sweats. They are formed, courageous and proud, love flowers and pleasant smells. They possess very kind character, at times look as sacred, earn money with the help of own projects and lives, relying only on the efforts, Kind and courageous, they helps even the worse enemies (and enemies are afraid of them). Fibers of their eyes are light red, and attachment to an opposite sex is shown to a minimum. They are not the supporter of prevailing religion and can be in general the opponent of the organized religions. They like sweet, bitter, knitting, but especially love cold drinks. They eat much.
The body of the person with prevalence PITTS issues a smell of this element, and the smell of bile is felt especially strongly when such person flies into a rage. He is envious, loves water procedures. He is light, he has a high body temperature. Hands, face and legs light red, he has not much hair on a body (light, frequently yellow). He has weak muscles and a sheaf, few vital force and sexual desires. In anger, in intoxication and at a presence on the sun of his eyes instantly getting red.
Life expectancy of the person with prevalence PITTS is average. He does not like to visit a place where there are quarrels, and avoids any anxieties.
In his dreams he sees fire, stars, the Sun, the Moon, lightning, poisonous plants and luminous subjects. Addition of his body, his character and manners can be compared with tiger, bear, wolf or monkey.
Vital processes of Pitta promote display of famine, thirst and appetite, digestion, likening, maintenance of energy of vitally alive heat, to preservation of painting peculiar to all organism, display of bravery, abilities.
Symptoms of frustration of BILE are:bitterness in a mouth, a constant pain of a head, a body unusual hot to the touch , pricked pains in chest area, constant pains after aspirating of the food.
Strengthened frustration of BILE is expressed that urine, skin, fibers accept yellow painting, famine and thirst is constantly felt, the body is burned, body hot to the touch, patients suffer a sleeplessness and a diarrhea.
Surplus:sensation of burning, reddening, sensation heat, apostemes, sudation, formation of pus, a bleeding, an exhaustion, a faint, intoxication, sharp or sour taste in a mouth and every possible changes of color, but not aside white and brown colors.
Shortage:weakness of digestive fire, a cold and absence of shine.
It is similar to constitutions VATA and Kapha.
Accumulation:accumulates in small intestine, causing sensation of burning, the feverish condition, the raised acidity, bitter smack in a mouth, a yellowish shade urine and feces, bent for cold and irascibility.
Excitation:the further increase of acidity, a sour eructation, a burning pain in a stomach, strong thirst, a breakdown and difficulties at falling asleep.
Outpouring:causes inflammatory diseases of skin, conjunctivitis, an inflammation of gingiva, dizziness, a headache, a strong fever, vomiting with bile, and as a diarrhea and sensation of burning at evacuation of intestines.
Two main reasons causing frustration of Pitta:vegetable oils, oily and fat substances, alcoholic drinks, sharp both hot substances and drink, stay in heat and closeness, a vigorous and stimulating way of life.
All hot, the hot climate, too warm room and clothes, hot both food and drink cause frustration of vital processes of BILE.
Under influence moderating and cooling this frustration recovers.
Food substances useful at frustration of bile:curdled milk from goat milk, fresh oil from cow and goat milk, porridge from fresh grains, meat of thoroughbred horned livestock, goat meat, liquid porridge.

YES:sweet fruit, apples, an avocado, a cocoa, figs, a grapes (black), a mango, a melon, an orange sweet, pears, pineapple sweet, plums sweet, a pomegranate, prunes, raisin.
Sweet and bitter vegetables, asparagus, brocoli, brussels sprouts, vegetable marrows, cucumbers, a cauliflower, a celery green, peas, lettuce, green leaves.
Barley, oat (boiled), rice, rice (white).
Coconut, olive, sunflower, soya oils.
Oil unsalted, rural cheese, milk.
All leguminous are good except for lentil.
Any nuts except for coconut.
Any sunflower seeds except for sunflower and pumpkin.
All sweets are good except for treacle and honey.
Any spices except for a coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, curcuma and a little black pepper.
To the often reasons frustration of vital processes of BILE concern:abusing food substancesof burning and pleasanttastes, the plentiful use hot and a spicy food, long strong anger, dream in the afternoon, strengthened sedentary work, excessive effort at a raising of heavy things and manufacture of excavations, excessive gymnastic exercises, run, struggle, fight, falling, bruises, falling against height, impacts, the excessive use of meat, oil, fault.
NOT :sour fruit, apricots, berries, bananas, a cherry, a cranberry, grapefruit, a grapes green, a lemon, an orange sour, papaya, pineapple, peaches, a persimmon, a plum sour.
Sharp vegetables, beet, carrots, eggplants, garlic, onions, pepper, spinach, tomatoes.
Buckwheat, a maize, millet, oat (dry), rice (brown), rye.
Almond oil, maize oil, safflower oil, gingelly oil.
Buttermilk, cheese, sour cream, yogurt.
Colors and jewels.Favorable - white, dark blue and green color. To avoid very much sated or very bright colors, especially red. It is possible grey and brown, but deep black it is better to avoid.
Cooling jewels are good : a moonstone, clean crystals of quartz, an emerald, agate, blue sapphire, amethyst silver-bounded.

Change the functioning the systems of the person depending on time of the year
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