The constitution of KAPHA


Reduce tastes: sharp, bitter, knitting.
Raise tastes: sweet, salty, sour.
Persons at whom are tense vital processes of KAPHA can be counted quiet. A body of them to the touch cold, they are full. The bone and joints of them are not given out. The skin is white and pale. They keep directly, can suffer famine, thirst and heat. They are hardy, quiet, durable, sleepy, lazy, are well-born, constrain, pleasant customs. They love food substances of burning and knitting taste and rough property. At persons of quiet customs the feeling of the full satisfaction, is rather advanced by means finding at their order. In a life aspiration at similar persons to natural sensations are same what are peculiar to a lion and male animals.
It is located to a pardon and possesses huge vital force. His body is well combined, with enough of fat. Mind of this person is constant, steady, his character is sober. His person is similar to the Moon, joints of his body all right are cut out, strong and flexible. Color of a body of such person - copper, gold or reminds a flower of a lotus. His hands are long, the breast is strong and wide. He is attractive, he has a wide forehead, a gentle body with strong, dark, dense hair. Color of his eyes, in corner the blepharons are reddish and soft. It is the person who does not disturb feeling of famine, thirst, alarm, does not distract noise. The wise, loving order, this person yours faithfully concerns to the word. He has animosities in relation to the enemies for a long time and finds secret and artful ways for revenge. However he adheres to principles and habits of a just life, does not resort to rough speech. He loves sexual pleasures.
Sounds of a voice of the person with prevalence KAPHA are similar to ocean and remind sounds which are issued with a bowl when in it blow. This person will have many sons and subordinates. Enterprising and mild, he is seldom irritated also to him a lot of time is required to finish the work (because he spends a lot of time in reflections and dreams). He looks like a person who easily forgives, politely talks, he possesses a serious sight at things, the simple person though it is rather formed. He tries to keep the established contacts. Likes bitter, knitting, sharp and dry. Sleeps much.
Such person dreams the rivers, ponds, oceans, lakes, lotuses and water birds. On the temperament, habits and physical shape he reminds the elephant, a horse, a lion, the cow, the bull.

The mental constitution

He is inclined to "water" emotions: love, desire, romanticism, sentimentality. He is kind, attentive, true. The slowed down reaction, conservatism, shyness, obedience. He has a lot of friends, religions and the country are adhered to the family, familiar, culture. Some closeness of mind. Do not like to travel. Easily become attached, show love. Anger splash out not at once. He is reliable, provident. He considers everyone well.
Vital processes of KAPHA promotes his preservation in all joints, surfaces and cavities, support normal dream, promotes display of logic judgements and keep flexibility, softness and elasticity in an organism.
Symptoms of frustration of KAPHA are constant, restless condition, any food harmful operates, as is not digested. Constant vomiting, any food causes anxiety in the first ways of digestion, sensation of an internal and external cold, general weight, physical and moral depressed, a constant eructation, sensation expansion of a stomach. Absence of taste and sensation of glutinosity in a mouth.
Qualitative change of vital processes of KAPHA is expressed that pulse soft, weak, slow. Urine is white with a small smell and the ferry, in a mouth unpleasant taste. Tongue and gingiva are white, swelled of blepharons, plentiful allocation of slime and sputum, weight in a head, a dejectedness of spheres, both physical, and intellectual. Absence of appetite, pains in kidneys and in a waist, hypostases, tumescent lymphatic ferri lactas. Vomiting and a diarrhea, not digested food and slime, an ambiguity of ideas, drowsiness, weakness and hypostases in spondyles, in joints and in muscles, laziness.
Strengthened frustration of KAPHA is expressed that the ability of digestion weaken, general weakness, weight is felt. Covers are pale and white, the lazy condition of spirit and weakness in joints is felt. A lot of saliva and sputum is separated, similar subjects sleep much and suffer dyspnea.
Frustration of KAPHA begins in a chest cavity, in the field of a neck, in the field of easy, in a head, chyle, in muscles, in a living tissue, in a bone brain, in sperm, in menotrophin, in excrement and urine, in sphere olfactory and flavouring, and mainly in a stomach.
Attacks amplify during rainy time and during the big winds in the evening and in the morning.
Frustration of KAPHA are the result of the long use of heavy and fat food, a lazy and quiet way of life and are found out by absence of appetite, difficult mastering of food, the vomitting, unpleasant flavouring sensation in a mouth. Occurrence of a swelling in the field of a stomach, an eructation, the general weight, sensation of a cold inside and outside. These attributes amplify after meal, and after reception of warm food and stay in heat pass.

Food substances useful to subjects with frustration of vital processes of KAPHA: mutton, venison, meat of predatory animals, a fish, honey, liquid hot porridge, a soup from a flour, from old grains, grain plants growing in dry district. Sour milk, kefir from buffalo milk, dense wine, boiled warm water. At frustration of KAPHA it is necessary to conduct an active way of life and to live in a warm climate.
YES: apples, apricots, berries, cherries, a cranberry, figs (dried), a mango, a peach, pears, a persimmon, a pomegranate, prunes, raisin.
Brussels sprouts, vegetable marrow, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, garlic, green leaves lettuce, mushrooms, okra, an onions{a bow}, a parsley, peas, pepper, a potato white, a garden radish, spinach.
Barley, maize, millet, oat dry, rice basmaty in small quantity, rye.
To the often reasons leading to vital frustration of KAPHA concern: abusing food substances of bitter and pleasant tastes, heavy, cooling and fat property. Long, quiet stay after plentiful meal, dream in the afternoon, long bathing, influence of a cold and dampness at an easy suit. The plentiful use of fresh, rotten berries, crude seeds, fruits, vegetables. Fat goat meat, meat of a buffalo, vegetative oils, old stale oil. Radishes, in general the crude greens undercooked, digested, smoked. Goat's milk, kefir, koumiss, cold tea. In general abusing food and drink. The use especially harmful peep before mastering beforehand accepted.
NOT: sweet and sour fruit, an avocado, bananas, a coco, figs fresh, a grapefruit, a grapes, a lemon, a melon, an orange, papaya, pineapple, plums.
Oat cooked, rice brown, rice white, wheat.
Any oils, except for maize or sunflower in small quantities.
All leguminous are good, except for a string bean, a soya, black lentil and a green peas.
Any sunflower seeds, except for sunflower and pumpkin. Any nuts.
All sweets, except for the raw honey.
All spices are good, except for salt.
Any dairy products, except for and milk.
In general all frustration of the feed, temperatures beginning by downturn, are accompanied by frustration of KAPHA.
Easy and a stomach with a spleen and ferri lactas are rather sensitive to frustration of KAPHA.
The lazy way of life, pleasant climate, fertile soil, cool room and attire, fat both rich food and drink support a normal condition of KAPHA.
Thawing weather and dampness in a cold season, the cold food and drink cause frustration of vital processes of KAPHA.
Individual frustration are divided on five departments of frustration of vital processes of KAPHA.
Difficult frustration of KAPHA are subdivided into two sorts:
  1. On frustration of vital processes of KAPHA under influence of vital processes of PITTA.
  2. And on difficult frustration of all three vital processes subdivided for four periods.
The first period specifies the beginning of frustration;
The second period specifies influence of this frustration on fabrics;
The third period finds out localization of this frustration;
The fourth period formation of tumours of the good-quality or malignant property formed under influence of frustration of vital processes of MUCOUS system. Only thirty three frustration of KAPHA.
Old: catarrhal a condition owing to frustration of vital processes of KAPHA.
  1. Qatar of a stomach;
  2. Thickening of a mucous membrane;
  3. Easing of energy at digestion;
  4. Thickening of a mucous membrane of a gullet and difficult passage peep;
  5. Rheumatism of the first ways of digestion and attrition Qatar the first ways of digestion.
Catarrhal the condition owing to frustration of all three vital processes will consist of the period when a similar sort Qatar start to have on all fabrics and bodies. The period when are formed, under influence of such Qatar apostemes: the period of a suppuration of these apostemes, the period of the sanction of these apostemes, the period formation{education} of tumours - proof tumours and formation{education} of ulcers and tumours of malignant property.
Warm and bright colors - yellow, orange, golden and red. To avoid pink, white, pale shades dark blue and green. Moderately - brown, grey and black.
Colors and jewels.
From jewels warm - a ruby, a pomegranate and the cat's eye, gold-bounded. Blue sapphire, amethyst, gold-bounded, them it is necessary to combine facilitating actions with warmer stones.
Change the functioning the systems of the person depending on time of the year
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The constitution KAPHA
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