Stays: in the field of a stomach, a waist, hips, ears, bones, skin.
The basic location: large intestines.
External stimulating factors: a wind, a cold, dryness.
Time of day when excitation is observed: a dawn, twilight.
Season when excitation is observed: autumn, the beginning of winter.

VATTA - perception, likening, adsorption, mastering, removal, clarification, an expenditure of air.
Five kinds of the VATTA:
1. Vital (embroil)
2. Respiratory
3. Fabric
4. Participating in digestion and mastering
5. Participating at any sort branches

The WIND is made at any sort branches, shows the activity in the bottom departments of an organism, in thick guts, in a bladder, in bodies and influences a lumbar part of a spinal cord, on ejection of sperm, menses, labor, removal of excrement, urine and a delay of them is in dependence from a normal and abnormal condition of an aforesaid VATTA.
The most sensitive frustration of the VATTA considers a bone fabric. Amplified frustration of the VATTA in an organism is expressed that external environments accept dark painting, owing to detection of stagnation of venous blood circulation there comes leanness, there is a need to stay in heat, a general shiver, the stomach is inflated, i.e. gases and branch of excrement are late, subjects are done extremely talkative, suffer dizziness, dream and activity of six feelings weakens. At an amplified meal of a bone tissue: a superfluous teeth, bone cartilaginous tumors develop.
The most sensitive body at frustration of the VATTA:
Out of six feelings - area of the acoustical center, area of touch and diaphoresis;
From dense bodies, vessels - heart, a chest and belly aorta;
From bodies having a cavity - thin guts.
The VATTA easily is upset at senile age, in the cold and windy country, in the summer early in the morning and late at night.
Qualitative change, recognition, likening, adsorption, mastering, removal - purification-spent of air is expressed that pulse full, intense, but not elastic, light urine , liquid as water, is constant desire to go, often sighes, indeferent the to all surrounding, dizziness, weight in a head, noise in ears, dry red tongue rigid to the touch, knitting taste in a mouth, choped to a pain in various places the bodies increasing at movements, a shiver and formation of a goose skin. The sensation as though has reduced something has become torn, has bursted, the sleeplessness, yawning, pandiculation was braided,  the various pains interfering movement in pelvic bones, in a waist, in bones and the joints, whining and choped pains in cervical muscles, a chest bone and jow are felt if to press down at an open mouth, nerve ganglions which pain, dry long cough in the mornings, branch foamy sputum rather sensitive to changes of the VATTA, is felt a swelling of a stomach. The marked attacks amplify in the evening and early in the morning, after digestion and mastering of food.
To the often reasons of frustration of the VATTA: yawning and a shiver, pandiculation, sensation of a cold, a constant pain in a waist, in bones and joints, choped pains in different places, dry cough, easing of six feelings especially sight, a restless condition, a pain in guts in a hungry condition.
Language at frustration of the VATTA: red, dry, rigid. At frustration urine has bluish color, at agitation foam. Pulse thick to the touch, at pressing easily falling down and interrupting.
VATTA ITSELF - locks, a bad smell from a mouth and fetid excrements, a thick strike on tongue, a swelling and pains in a stomach (strengthening at palpation, massage and use of oils), intestinal gases, spastic pains, bad appetite, weight, weakness, slow pulse. All this is aggravated in cloudy weather.
VATTA NIRAMA - locks and a unpleasant smell are absent, a pain weak (it is weakened at pressing), tongue is pure, dryness and knitting taste in a mouth, a body easy, dry; an exhaustion of tissues the greater, and the weariness is expressed less.
Illnesses: nervous breakdowns, a sleeplessness, a tremor, epilepsy, a paralysis, an arthritis.
The basic attributes of infringement: pains, dryness, a cold, frustration of impellent functions and an exhaustion of tissues.

Five kinds of VATTA:
UDANA is air moving upwards. It is in the field of a throat and a head. Operates an output and speech, memory, force, will, effort. Defines vital aspirations. Infringement causes illness of a throat and a head, cold, frustration alar areas, ear pains, etc.
PRANA - primary air moving forward. Works with heart and easy. Operates a breath, swallowing, sneezing, spitting and regurgitation. Adjusts feelings, mind, heart, consciousness. Infringement causes a hiccups, diseases easy and breath. 
SAMANA - equilibrating air. It is: between heart and belly-button, circulating in the field of a stomach and small intestines. Digestion meal, separating nutrients from waste products. It is responsible for digestive system. Infringement causes easing gastric fire, a gastritis, colics, etc. frustration of an intestinal path.
APANA - air moving downwards, excluding air. It is: between belly-button and a direct gut. Deduces from an organism waste products, it is released from substances arisen during digestion and absorption of food. It is responsible for a conclusion from a body of gases, ejaculation, conceptions, labor, defecation and emiction. Infringement causes problems emiction and a seed, a hemorrhoids, a lock, pains and spasms in a stomach, etc.
VJANA - absent-minded or penetrating air. It is: on all body through blood vessels, lymphatic and nervous system. Transfers various nutrients to one part of system in another, provides course of a stream of blood, clears blood and a lymph of toxins. It is responsible for coordination of works of systems of an organism, operates movement of muscles and joints, nervous pulses and internal secretion. Universal and most important air. Infringement results in problems in all an organism.     


Change the functioning the systems of the person depending on time of the year
The constitution VATTA
System VATTA
The constitution PITTA
System PITTA
The constitution KAPHA
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