KAPHA stays in:breasts, a head, a pancreas, edges, a stomach, plasma, fat, a nose and language.
The basic site:a stomach.
External stimulating factors:dampness, a cold.
Season when excitation is observed:the end of winter, early spring.
Time of day when excitation is observed:morning, evening.
Emotions:calmness, tranquility, attachment, sentimentality.

KAPHA- cold, damp, heavy, slow, blunt, motionless, smooth, dense and muddy. It supports a substance, weight and all connections in a body.
KAPHA has properties:oily, sharp, heavy, calming, soft.
KAPHAin the normal condition is responsible for durability and stability, maintenance of balance of a liquid in a body, greasing of joints and such positive emotions, as rest, love and amnesty. At its excitation weaken digestive functions, collect sputum and slime, appears exhaustion, there are heavy feelings and colds, pallor, weakness in the finitenesses, the complicated breath, cough and excessive drowsiness.
KAPHACAN DISTINGUISH FIVE SORTS: the basic; embryonal the period; participating in the first ways of digestion; participating for display of taste; satisfying and strengthening.
As the most sensitive body at frustration of KAPHA are considered:
Urina and excrement. From a cavity of having bodies - a stomach and a bladder.
From dense bodies - easy, kidneys and a spleen.
Out of six feelings - area of sense of smell and taste.
From fabrics - a muscular, nervous and fatty fabric, a fabric of a bone brain, sperm and menses.
Surplus generates:slime, hardness of fabrics, an itch, sensation of a cold on skin, weight, stagnation, adiposity, hypostases, indigestion, superfluous dream, white a stain, sweet and salty taste in a mouth that becomes appreciable not at once.
Shortage:sensation of emptiness in a stomach, palpitation and weakness of joints. Reminds high VATTA.
Accumulation:accumulates in a stomach, causing slackness, heavy feeling, pallor, a swelling, indigestion and need for easy food.
Excitation:causes loss of appetite, indigestion, a nausea and amplified salivation, heavy feeling in a head and heart, and as drowsiness.
Outpouring:causes cough, an asthma, swelling ferri lactas, a moderate fever, vomitting, swelling of joints, occurrence of slime in feces.
Symptoms:presence of slime and sputum; surplus of a moisture, excessive growth of fabrics and a cold.
Illnesses:respiratory diseases, cold, a flu, an asthma, a bronchitis, swelling ferri lactas, hypostases, good-quality tumours.
Vital processes of the basic KAPHA are made in chest area and other four vital processes of system of KAPHA depend on them.
Vital processes of KAPHA participating in the first ways of digestion promote change of food and drink, i.e. digestion.
Vital processes of KAPHA strengthening, are made in all articulate surfaces, in bags, in vaginas, cavities and facilitate any sort of movement in an organism.
The vital processes of KAPHA made in a head brain, promote satisfaction of six feelings.
At children's age, in crude black-soil belt, in the spring in the morning and in the evening the system of KAPHA easily is upset.

Five kinds KAPHA:
KLEJDAN - a presence:area of a stomach.Functions:splitting of food weight on separate particles.Actions:provides mastering peep and accelerates process of digestion.Answers:for colliquation food and the first stage of digestive process.
AVLUMBUM - a presence:area of heart; area of a head and connection of bones.Functions:maintenance of submission of energy to heart, allocates the nutrients from blood, provides growth of a bone brain.Actions:promotes manufacture white protective bodies.Answers:the main water component of a body. Raw material for other kinds KAPHA.
RUSSUN - a presence:area of a throat.Functions:chooses the useful nutrients rejected byavlumbum, entering stronger substances in a stream of blood.Actions:accelerates a metabolism.Answers:participates in the first stage of digestion of food.
SNEHAN - a presence:area of a head.Functions:maintenance in the damp and well greased condition thin fabrics of a head. Prevention of a condition of dryness and deaquation.Actions:promotes passage of the glucose enriched with proteins to a brain. Supports in cleanliness all head passes. A carrier of positive and negative ions.Answers:emotional rest, steadiness and sensation of happiness, ability to remember.
SHLESMA - a presence:in lymph-units and joints.Functions:provides communication{connection} of various lymph nodes.Actions:raw material for other kinds KAPHA.Answers:for a fortress of joints.
Change the functioning the systems of the person depending on time of the year
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The constitution KAPHA
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