600-800 ml, course-3-4 monthes.

The Tibetan medicine considers leukemia as the breaking of all three organism control systems (Vata, Kapha, Pita), in other words the illness of the whole organism.
That is why this ailment is so hard to treat. 
It seems that the official medicine suggests a good way; a transplantation of the bone marrow. But there are lots of difficulties: firstly, it is practically unreal to find an appropriate donor; secondly, even if the transplantation of the bone marrow was successful, the pathogen process remains: 
The cytostatic therapy oppresses the immune system by the seriously toxic effect; it makes the organism defenseless in front of the environment aggression. 

The "Sergeev balm" restores the balance of the organism control systems, strengthens the immune system, essentially improves the blood structure and stabilizes the metabolic processes.
As the result your organism treats the oncology by itself with the help of its own vigour.
The blastoma cells disappear, the normal correlation of the enzymatic blood elements and hemoglobin restore, and the immune system strengthens. 

During taking the "Sergeev balm" automatic invigoration of the whole organism takes place, independently from the disease localization, due to this the whole state of health considerably improves, the asthenia symptoms disappear.
You'll feel joy from having healthy body again. 

An example of recovery during leukaemia with the help of "Sergeev Balm" can be viewed here.