combined course 200-300 ml inwards + 100 ml outwards before the season exacerbation 

Osteomyelitis it is chronic pyogenic infection localized in bone.
This disease appears because of the organism defense system weakening.
I.e. initial disease reason is the immune system lesion, while primary lesion, bone decay and fistula formation is just a consequence.
Treatment with the help of antibiotics deals only with the consequence; effect given is short-temporary and toxic.
The initial reason is not eliminated, the disease progresses.
Further unfavorable prognosis: pathological fracture, amputation, sepsis… 

The “Sergeev balm” restores the balance of the control organism systems (Vata, Kapha, and Pita), strengths the immune system, essentially improves the blood structure and stabilizes the metabolic processes.
As the result your organism treats the disease by itself with the help of its own vigor.
The balm is used inwardly and outwardly during exacerbation periods.
During usage, pus formation ends and sequestered bone areas regenerate, filling with bone beams.
Moreover, inward balm usage is favorable for stabilization of function of other organs that were affected with decay long existing in the organism, most of all it is kidneys.
During taking the “Sergeev balm” automatic invigoration of the whole organism takes place, independently from the disease localization, due to this the whole state of health considerably improves, the asthenia symptoms disappear.
You’ll feel joy from having healthy body again.