San Francisco "Vzglyad" №415 * August 12 - 18 year 2000.

The lecture of the Crimean People's Healer, creator of the "Vasiliy Sergeev Balm" was held on the 31st of June in San Francisco. Taking into account the subject of the lecture and the concerns of our reading audience about the breakthrough in treatment of many diseases, we asked V.Sergeev for an interview and he graciously and willingly accepted our invitation.

We have met a young-looking man, with the spiritual face of an eternal searcher and explorer, fanatically devoted to his idea. His vision is simple: bring good to the human race. We have discussed with him the fate of humanity in general, and the fate of the individual man in particular. He is concerned with neither the political nor historical aspects of the world. Only the physical side matters for him: what will the man of the future be like - a strong and healthy optimist in his prime? Or a feeble pessimist, burdened with the affliction of diseases. Vladimir Sergeev has been contemplating a lot over the ways to free a modern man from the slavish dependency upon the medicines, alien to the human body. In his opinion, many hundreds and millions of years ago, human beings knew how to live without the "chemistry" interference. They even were healthy enough to kill the mammoths and to give birth to strong children. According to Mr.Sergeev, diseases do not occur without cause: most of them are caused by the unfavorable conditions of our environment. What are these conditions like? How to avoid the outbreaks of illnesses? How can we prevent their relapses? These questions guide his medical practice.

The Interviewer: We have learnt about you from the Russian periodicals "Megapolis - Express" and "Sputnik". You developed your " Sergeev's Balm" and gained the reputation of the herbal specialist long ago. What motivated you to create it? 
Vasiliy Sergeev: There are two ways to become a Folk Healer. First, it can be an inherited gift, taken from your ancestors, along with their skills, secrets, and accumulated wisdom of the years. Or you can master these skills through your own pain and experiences. I'm a mixed case. My professional attention to this means of treatment is called forth by two reasons. First, my grandfather on my father's side practiced herbal therapy and his memory is still close to the hearts of all the people he healed. Secondly, when I was nine years old, I fell ill of hematogenial osteomyelitis, a very serious illness of the bone system, simply explained as "putrefying bones". In the course of time it worsened, and by the time I was forty, I felt like a complete wreck. Eventually, my kidneys began to fail, and finally I felt like my time was running out in this world.

The Interviewer: But during these 30 years did you turn to medical doctors for help?
Vasiliy Sergeev: Of course I did. Within these years I made many visits to doctors and had many consultations in authoritative medical institutes. In 1988 I applied for information about my disease from the Health Ministry of the USSR. They made it very clear to me that the hematogenial osteomyelitis was considered to be incurable and no one could help me.
Being completely beaten by the disease, I even turned to my surgeon acquaintance and asked him to amputate my ailing leg with the initial hotbed of the osteomyelitis. Fortunately, he tried to dissuade me from doing it and asked me to consider the circumstances.
It's useless to add something about my peace of mind at that moment. I think it is apparently clear. So I left him without making the final decision.
On the way home that day, my route was through the park. Absently, I stopped near a tree in a very somber mood. Or Lord! Something was doomed to happen to me there! Suddenly I noticed the damaged spot on the tree trunk. It looked as though the former wound had been overgrown smoothly by the flat layer of bark. That's when it dawned on me: If the tree can heal itself, then why can't I? I was inspired from above to create such a substance, which would bring me to a full recovery. I left this tree feeling different, like an absolutely renewed man.
The Interviewer: Did the idea with the balm come into your head immediately after that? Vasiliy Sergeev: Are you kidding? It wasn't so easy. I plunged into deep thoughts and research. I thoroughly studied "Basics of the Medical Tibetan Science - DZHUD-SHI"(translated by Peter Badmaev). Then I wandered Bashkirian and Middle Asia steppes. Having learnt and experienced all of this, I came to the conclusion that the healing properties of the elecampane root were extremely unique.
The Interviewer: Are you saying that you didn't become a Folk Healer until your forties?
Vasiliy Sergeev: It's never late to do good. Having discovered the medicine and having believed in it myself, I started to test it in practice, applying it to my diseased leg. Half a year later two independent radiologists diagnosed the leg to be healthy and cured of the osteomyelitis.
The Interviewer: How did you apply it? Every day or with breaks in between application?
Vasiliy Sergeev: No, I used it only to prevent the periods of exacerbation, especially in spring and autumn.
The Interviewer: We are aware of your balm having many positive effects on the human body. How have you achieved this result?
Vasiliy Sergeev: A new medicine usually undergoes versatile trials. In my case, I first started to notice its effect on the functioning of my kidneys. Then I started to take a teaspoon of the balm twice a day and I was again amazed at the effects of the medicine. No longer did I have troubles with my kidneys. I began to feel healthy and strong in all the respects.
Then I began to gather herbs for the balm in Bashkiria, my home. There, I founded the laboratory to experiment with the new ingredients. I offered the first versions of the medicine to the osteomyelitis-affected citizens of the town of Kutertau. When people found out that the balm had helped me to cure my kidneys as well, they started to ask for the balm to heal them of other diseases. The result surpassed all my expectations and rejoiced the people. The new medicine cured all the diseases it confronted, irregardless of their location and seriousness. I worked for four years in Bashkiria. Within these years the balm started to be widely distributed and I was earning the reputation of the folk healer. The effectiveness of "Sergeev's Balm" was several times covered in the newspapers and on local TV. I moved to the Crimea after the balm was publicized in the central press of Russia.
The Interviewer: How many components your balm consists of?
Vasiliy Sergeev: It has ten components.
The Interviewer: Will you please name at least one of the balm components?
Vasiliy Sergeev: Yes, of course. One of them is the root of the elecampane herb, which I have already mentioned.
The Interviewer: How long does it take you to prepare one potion of the balm?
Vasiliy Sergeev: It takes six monthes from the first steps to the final result.
The Interviewer: What is the highest level of medical approval this balm has received?
Vasiliy Sergeev: First, it was tested by the Crimean Sanitary Epidemiological Office for the presence of any harmful matters. Needless to say, the balm passed the test successfully. After that, I graduated form the phytotherapy chair of the Kiev Medical institute, USPM (Ukrainian Association of the People's Medicine). During that period, under the aegis of the Kiev Central Laboratory on Clinical Immunology, 10 patients underwent successful treatment using "Sergeev's Balm".
As a result, I was issued the certificate, permitting me to receive the license of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine for the phytotherapy practice. Moreover, the Institute of the Psychological and Medical Problems associated with the International Medical Academy positively endorsed my balm.
The Interviewer: What aspect of human system does your balm influence the most?
Vasiliy Sergeev: Mainly, "Sergeev's Balm" effects the immune system. At the same time, it brings together all the defense mechanisms in the human body to conquer the disease, regardless of its nature and location. It results in the full recovery of the organism.
You can easily check the balm effectiveness by the state of blood and its dynamics, when the qualitative changes are detected in all the blood indicators. Simultaneously it recreates and brings to norm all the damaged and lost functions of the body.
The Interviewer: What was the purpose of your visit to the USA?
Vasiliy Sergeev: I attended the 52nd International Conference for the clinical laboratories in San Francisco as a member of the Ukrainian delegation.
The Interviewer: Do you plan to open your own clinic?
Vasiliy Sergeev: I plan to open a small health center on the coast of the Crimea. I would like it to be equipped with all the modern medical facilities.
The Interviewer: Do you plan to expand the scope of your activities in this way?
Vasiliy Sergeev: You've got it right. This health center will provide me with the possibility to treat my patients to the full recovery within the confines of the clinic. It means that my patients will not have to buy the balm and burden themselves with the self-treatment any more.
The Interviewer: The question that will undoubtedly be asked by our readers what is the price of your unique balm ?
Vasiliy Sergeev: The balm will cost $1000 per 100 grams for the self-treatment application and for the preventive measures usage. If it is used as the part of the health center treatment course, the price will be negotiated. The payment will be accepted only after the patient full recovery.
The Interviewer: How much of your balm is required to make a full recovery from stomach ulcer, for instance?
Vasiliy Sergeev: 100 grams will be enough. I recommend 400 grams for the pulmonary tuberculosis treatment and 400 grams to rid of asthma. It is advisable to take 500 grams for oncology diseases prophylaxis. Also the dose depends on the degree and the seriousness of the disease. You should take into account such factors as age and presence of other diseases as well.
The Interviewer: What is the duration of the treatment course by "Segeev's Balm"?
    Vasiliy Sergeev: Duration of the course varies from 15 to 30 days. If you take a teaspoon of the balm per day it will last 15 days, if a tablespoon it will last 30 days.
    The Interviewer: Does it mean that having undergone 400 grams treatment course, taking a teaspoon every day, you will achieve a full recovery from psoriasis in a month?
    Vasiliy Sergeev: Yes, it means that you'll be cured of the psoriasis as well as of some other diseases.
    The Interviewer: Vasiliy, don't you think that you have worked wonders?
    Vasiliy Sergeev: Nature is a miracle and the richest "pharmacy" in itself. Unfortunately people do not want to acknowledge this fact. They literally walk on the herbal medicines everyday, and then prefer to swallow the tablets to cure their sickness.
Coming across different patients, suffering various illnesses, I came to a certain conclusion about the "Basics of the Tibetan science", I mentioned above. I find it to be a very unique and amazing phenomenon. In conformity with the assertions of this science, all the illnesses have a common ground - ignorance, resulting from the lack of knowledge about its own self. According to the Tibetan wise men, three " poisons" cause all our diseases: passion, anger and human ignorance. Three systems of regulations are closely concerned with these three "poisons". They are the following: winds, bile and mucous. There are mixed types of people, those who have more or less evenly presented systems of regulation. That is why the representatives of different groups have obviously different interactions between these systems.
The first reason -the inability to keep one's passions under control-leads to the disorder of the digestive organs, let alone tissues and particles, supporting the balance of the vital warmth of the body. Their damage leads to the disorders of the neuromuscular system. 
The second reason - anger, equal to the absence of the genuine kindness, - causes disorders of the circulatory system nourishment, as well as problems with the heart and liver. These disorders in the circulatory, heart systems and liver are the results of the extreme situations, in which the formation and secretion of bile are gravely affected. 
The third reason - ignorance, or lack of knowledge about the environment around us - leads to the disorders in nourishment of the mucous and epithelium coverings, to be more exact, to catarrhal diseases. It results from the inability to adapt oneself to the disparity in temperatures, winds, rains and other climatic conditions. 
Hence, the first reason causes " wind disorder" (in other words the disorder in the neuromuscular system), the second "bile disorder", and the third one leads to the disorders in the mucous-serous and lactic-lymphatic systems. 
Tibetan medicine thoroughly developed the idea about food, nutrition process and its influence on the organism state. Food influence on different systems and diseases is determined not only by its calorie content, but by the absorbed quantity as well. Moreover the primary taste and secondary qualities of the food (whether it is cold or hot) are of great importance. Food products with the thermal characteristics stimulate various types of ergotoxine process functional activities. 
Long-term use of food products with cold characteristics leads to the appearance of the cold pathology, so to say to trophotropious active condition. Body constitution is to determine the ratio between the products with the thermal and cold characteristics.
While in San Francisco, I noticed a disturbing pattern in the nutrition of the American people. Those suffering the obesity obviously belong to the type of mucous constitution, which is perniciously influenced by the products with the prevailing cold characteristics. Americans are very fond of cold drinks. They should blame only themselves for all the problems the current health problems in their country. Another important factor is the compatibility of the devoured food products. But it's another story.