Hanova Mariya Alekseevna 1950 year born, was receiving treatment in Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow in 2000.

Hematologic scientific center, section of leucosis chemotherapy and erythron pathology.

Doctor in charge of the case was Candidate of Medical Science Archipova N.V., clinic director was prof. Khoroshenko N.D.

During disease patient has been living in Lantor city (Tumenian region, Russia).

The diagnosis:

Acute monoblast leucosis, invasive pulmonary aspergillosis.

She contacted me having tried all official medicine was able to offer, including 4 cycles of chemotherapy.

She was about to be discharged from hospital. (check for the case history extraction).

There were no chances for recovery.

After 4 monthes of my Balm treatment (March 2000-July 2000) she recovered.

For 6 years Marina Alekseevna checks regularly her blood test in different laboratories, where absence of oncological process is verified.

All this time she is fond of sport activities.

It took 800 ml of Balm to recover from leucaemia.
The conclusion of the Hematologic center


Treatment period
The blood tests


The blood tests