Treatment period

Patient Irina B., 1975 year born, contacted me in January 2002 with psoriasis. (check the photos)

First signs of diseases displayed when she was 9.

Irina's family was breaking apart because of her disease, she was completely depressed and didn't have desire to live.

Patient was offered to take "Sergeev Balm" inwards with general treatment scheme (30 drops, 2 times per day at 7 a.m and 11 p.m).

Treatment course was fixed with control photos every 10 days.

In 140 days (5 monthes) the skin became clean (check the photos), Irina's psychological state became normal.

Family preserved.

After recovery in May 2002, the Balm taking was stopped and didn't resume.

For 4 years after recovery there weren't a single relapse. Physical and mental health of ex-patient is normal.

Check the fotos made after 4 years of recovery in June 2006.

Period of the using


The control after 4 years